Club Meetings

The Hobart Photographic Society has club meetings once a month from February to December each year.  The meeting are on the third Thursday of the month except for December which is on the second Thursday. 

The meetings commence at 7.30pm and are located at the GA Woods Hall located behind the Scots Memorial Church, 29 Bathurst Street, Hobart (see below map).

The club have an array of speakers presenting on a wide variety of subjects with the aim of educating and informing throughout the year. Photo challenge competitions are a regular feature of meetings.  The meetings are also a good chance to socialise with fellow members over a cuppa.

The meetings format varies from month to month. Typical meetings can include some or all of the following activities:

  1. Watch presentations from guest speakers and from club members
  2. Participate in short “howto” technical workshops
  3. Keep up to date with club news and activities
  4. Mid meeting break with biscuits, tea, milo and coffee provided
  5. Buy, sell and trade photography equipment
  6. Participate in Print Challenges
  7. Receive feedback on Digital Challenges

New members and persons who may be interested in becoming a member are most welcome to attend

Meeting location

GA Woods Hall

29 Bathurst Street, Hobart

The hall is located behind the Scots Memorial Church.  Off street parking is available around the premises in the evenings.

Past meetings


The following are examples of past meetings.


April 2021

Held on Thursday 15 April

Featured Cary Littleford (3D photography) and Margaret Sonneman (aurora hunting)

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March 2021

Held on Thursday 18 March

Featured a hands on practical editing challenge using Adobe Lightroom in a group

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February 2021

Held on 18 February 2021

Featured Clive Taylor (Framing your Treasures) and Kev Morse (Astrophotography)

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January 2021

Held on Thursday 21 January

Featured a sunset & golden hour shoot and extended Digital Challenge presentation

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November 2020

Held on Thursday 19 November

Featured Phil Hallam and Lisa Kean presenting on their 366 challenge

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October 2020

Held Thursday 15 October

Featured Ian Robertson speaking about infrared photography

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February 2020

Held on Thursday 20th February

Featured Tasmanian photographers Karen Brown and Ian McKenzie

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January 2020

Held on Thursday 16 January

Presentation from Club members on their 2019 photographic journey

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November 2019

Held on Thursday 21 November 2019

Featured AIPP Australian Photographer of the Year Matt Palmer

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October 2019

Held on Thursday 17 October 2019

Featured HPS Life Member and businessman Mike Calder

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September 2019

Help on Thursday 19 September 2019

Featured Tasmanian landscape photographer Hillary Younger.

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August 2019

Held on Thursday 15 August 2019

Featured Vicki Farmery, archivist from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

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