Print Challenge

We encourage you to bring a print to each club meeting. During the break in the meeting other members vote for their favourite print and the place-getters are announced shortly after. The prints can be any size, but A4 or larger is better. The remaining print competition themes for 2019 are:

  • August:  Shadows – keep your eye out for interesting shadows and try to capture them. They can add a real sense of mystery and intrigue to your images.
  • September:  Travel – any image that indicates travel such as buildings, monuments, on a cruise, happy tourists, etc. The location can be overseas or domestic.
  • October:  Animals – domestic or wild.
  • November:  Sunset/sunrise with Silhouettes

July 2019 – Abstract Theme

July 2019 - Abstract Theme Definition: “relating to or denoting art that does not attempt torepresent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes,colours, and textures.” Back to Challenges

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Digital Challenges

We encourage members to enter our monthly Challenges. The Digital Challenge operates from our Facebook page and each month members are invited to enter photos into the Set theme and/or the Open theme.  Before the closure of each months’ challenge, other members may provide positive comment on your photo to assist you with editing and composition and you have the chance to improve your image up until the cut-off date.

The remaining challenge themes for 2019 are:

  • October“Urban Life”
  • November“Album Cover”  (This is the creative Challenge for this year in which you must make an image that could be used as an album cover for an album that already pre-exists,  or for an imaginary performer/album of your own choosing).  Hint…..album covers are usually square format.

Digital Challenge galleries

See below for the last three months of digital challenge images.

Further challenge images can be found in our photo gallery.


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