We encourage you to enter our monthly Challenges. The Digital Challenge operates from our Facebook page and each month members are invited to enter photos into the Set theme and/or the Open theme. There are two levels: Novice and Advanced and you choose your own level. During the Challenge, other members will comment on your photos and you have the chance to improve your image up until the cut-off date. You are also required to comment and vote on other people’s images. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are announced each month.

At the end of the year, each division will have a winning photographer announced. To be eligible for years end prizes requires a minimum of 14 images to be submitted throughout the year across both the open and set themes. So the more that you post, the greater the chances you have of winning.


We encourage you to bring a print to each club meeting. During the break in the meeting other members vote for their favourite print and the place-getters are announced shortly after. The prints can be any size, but A4 or larger is better. It would help with display if the prints could be mounted.