July 2019 club meeting

18 July 2019

On the agenda…

Paul Hoelen

Multi-international award-winning photographer Paul Hoelen spoke about two of his recent projects; Black and Blue: Coal or Coral; and Men with Heart. The Black and Blue: Coal or Coral project has been undertaken by the Light Collective and focuses on the Great Barrier Reef and the juxtaposition between it and it’s neighbour, the coal mining industry.

The Men with Heart project is a culmination of over 20 years of photographing at the ‘Mens Gathering’, held each year on the March long weekend. Paul spoke about his involvement in the project and the subsequent exhibition of the photos taken over the 20 years he has been attending, and the emotions that they invoked. It was very moving to see the passion that Paul has for the gathering, and the positive influence it has had on men’s health and wellbeing.

Thanks for an incredibly inspiring presentation! Visit Paul’s website to see some of his amazing work.


Borish Mally

Next up was new member, Borish Matti. Borish took us on an informative and fun trip to his home country of Nepal. Thank you Borish for taking the time to put together a wonderful slideshow and teach us about your country.

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