February 2020 club meeting

20 February 2020

On the agenda…

Karen Brown and Marcel van Ommen

Karen Brown is one of Tasmania’s best-known photographers. With her partner Marcel, she has become renowned for her portraiture work, especially wedding photography.

Karen grew up in Tasmania and met Marcel when living in the Netherlands and working as a photographer. Karen spoke about her inspiration and the joy of finding the right photographic niche – in her case, working with people.

Karen gave some tips on preparation and gear needed for a wedding shoot, and with Marcel explained their approach to shooting a wedding as a team of two to capture all the action from different vantage points. Marcel explained some of the business considerations that are important to make a living out of photography, and we were able to view some of the beautiful work from recent weddings and other projects.

Thank you to Karen and Marcel for providing such an informative and engaging presentation, it was inspiring to see the passion you have for your work!  Visit Karen’s website to see some beautiful examples from their portfolio.

Ian McKenzie

Next up on the agenda was Ian McKenzie, a Hobart photographer and the owner of Plethora Images.

Ian is an experienced photographer, printer and framer, having worked in many forms of photography, including a past job as a forensics photography! He discussed the different techniques required for different forms of photography, and spoke of his influences.

Ian also spoke about different compositional tools and demonstrated some fantastic examples of the ‘keep it simple’ philosophy. Ian has recently exhibited some of his work at an exhibition at the Salamanca Art Centre, and provided an interesting presentation on different options for presenting and exhibiting your work to best complement the images. 

Thank you for an interesting and very informative presentation. Check out Ian’s website to see some of his work, and contact him about your framing needs.

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