Print Challenge

The Hobart Photographic Society encourages members to bring prints to the monthly meeting. During the mid meeting tea break, members vote for their favourite print and the place-getters are announced later in the meeting. The top three prints are awarded a small prize.

The theme and size for the print challenge varies from month to month.  Some months the print must meet a set theme, and other months the print theme is open (can be any genre or subject).

See below for examples of the print challenges entered by members in past years.


Digital Challenges

Hobart Photography Society encourages members to enter photos into the monthly Digital Challenges. There are two digital challenges held every month;

  • set themed challenge and
  • open challenge.

The photo submitted for the set theme challenge must meet the theme for that month.  The set themes are varied from month to month to encourage members to try other forms of photographic genre and subjects.

The photos submitted for the open challenge can be of any genre or subject.

For example, see  Digital Challenge Themes for 2021.  

The Digital Challenge are submitted using the Hobart Photography Society (HPS)  Facebook page.  Before the closure date of each months’ digital challenges, other members often provide positive comment on the photos to assist with final editing and composition.

See below for examples of the digital challenges entered by members in past years.


Digital Challenge Galleries


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