2023 Exhibition Prize Winners


Congratulations to our talented photographers – there was a great variety of subjects and it wasn’t easy to pick the People’s Choice or Judge’s Award winners!

Thanks to our very generous sponsors for providing the amazing prize pool outlined below.

People’s Choice Awards


# Photographer Image
1st Rachel Harper Takayna Treasure
2nd Anne Reed In Conversation
3rd Alex Nicholson Movement  and Stillness
4th Chris Shaw Family Bath time
5th Key Morse Tasmanian Night Lights
6th David Ridger Dusk Conical Rocks
7th David Ridgers Spectator Barron Falls
8th Jenny Schorta Needle Rocks
9th Linda Meyers Entanglement
10th Alistair Luckman Wombat  on Maria
11th Jim Cleland Flame Robin
12th Maria Grist Gently Collapsing
13th Key Morse Who Me?
14th John Oxley Exploring the Darkness
15th Anne Dean Going Going Gone
16th Robert Stewart White Caps
17th Libby Morse Golden Beauty
18th Robert Stewart Laropuna (Eddystone Pt)


Judges Awards


# Photographer Image  
1st Julie Moitman Ascending
2nd Anne Dean  Argonauta Shell
3rd Rachael Daniels The Dancer

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