Sunset and night street photography

26 September 2019


On a beautiful evening a small group met up for a few hours of waterfront wanderings.

Inspired by the monthly Digital Challenge theme of ‘Urban Life’ we started at the docks for a sunset shoot and wended our way through the streets towards Salamanca, stopping for any number of subjects of interest along the way.

During the sunset hour we experimented with different techniques including zoom blur and long exposure photography with ND filters, taking advantage of the beautiful night and very still waters around the docks. We moved around to Mawson’s place and experimented with light trails and starbursts, before turning our attention to capturing creative motion photos of people.

A couple of us found our way to Salamanca for a quiet tipple before calling it a night. Although it was a small gathering, it was another great opportunity for a chat, as well as a chance to learn from each other and experiment with new techniques

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