April 2021 club meeting

15 April 2021

On the agenda…

Cary Littleford

Cary Littleford is a Tasmanian photographer and video artist, who has honed his craft in many areas including the fascinating and niche 3D photography.

Cary gave a thorough and engaging presentation on the history and progress of 3D photography and demonstrated a number of his works in print and digital form. The members got to don some fashionable 3D glasses and take it all in!

He also demonstrated his cameras and a lenticular print, and took us through some editing in the specific 3D photography editing software. Overall it was a thoroughly fascinating presentation that got everyone talking!

Visit Cary’s website to see some of his amazing work.


Margaret Sonneman

If you have any interest in aurora photography, you will probably recognise Margaret’s name as the force behind 2 of the largest Facebook communities on the topic. Margaret became enamoured by the aurora many years ago after viewing a rare naked eye colourful display, and has since devoted a lot of time to learning and sharing her knowledge on the amazing phenomenon.

For more information, follow along at the following Facebook groups that Margaret started and grew:

  • Aurora Australis Tasmania – information and discussion page. This page includes many files covering science, camera settings, suggested locations, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/215002295201328
  • Aurora Australis Tasmania Alert NOW – page for alerts only. Follow this page and set your notifications to ‘all posts’. Whenever someone spots an aurora they post the location and a few brief details, and you will receive a notification of the alert. https://www.facebook.com/groups/266569700123864

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