February 2019 club meeting

21 February 2019

On the agenda…

Danny Carney

Danny Carney from the Wilderness Society presented on the positive and negative impacts on the wilderness. He touched on may uses of photography, including the iconic Peter Dombrovskis image of Rock Island bend which was used in national print media to successfully campaign against the Franklin Dam proposal. He also discussed the rise in social media and the impact of social media exposure on many sensitive areas. Thanks to Danny for an interesting and thought-provoking presentation!

Dan Broun

Dan Broun followed with an amazing talk centred around using photography for conservation and social welfare issues. Dan’s passion
for the Tasmanian wilderness shone through as he took us on a journey through the Tarkine, South-West and Central Plateau, to name a few. 

Thanks to Dan for a great presentation! To check out some of his work, check out his 500px page.

Digital Challenges

Coastal Theme – Due to the warmer months being upon us, many will have visited the coastline somewhere in their travels recently.

Open Theme

Print Challenge

A Touch of Red – The idea is to present a colour print with a touch of red, rather than a monochrome with selective red colouring.