Photography Websites

The following website links are provided as learning and general interest opportunities for members.


Thomas Heaton is a British landscape, travel and outdoor photographer.  As well as his website, Thomas posts weekly YouTube videos that are aimed at providing tips and tricks.  The locations he also visits are breathtaking.

For those that may like to try astro-photography, Lonely Speck is an excellent website to get you started.with a number of free tutorials to guide you.

If you are looking for the one app that will give you tools calore then PhotoPills fits the bill.  The following review by Expert Photography will give you all the information about the app (available in both Apple and Android).

Photo editing

Matt Kloskowski is an American photographer and educator.  Matt has been behind the scenes with various photo editing software companies including Adobe and ON1.  Matt has a number of free and paid tutorials that are of high quality.  Matt also has a blog where he compares various photo editing software.

If you are wondering what size you could print your photos, the following website provides you with “Print Size to Pixels” and “Pixels to Print Size” calculators.

Anthony Morganti (website I am Mr. Photographer) has a number of free training videos for a variety of photo editing programs including Lightroom, ON1 PHoto Raw 2019, Capture One.  His tutorial style is easy to follow and he provides a regular email news article. 


YouTube  channel

A new YouTube video channel for photographers has been launched – Photography Online.

The first two episodes are now available – they have provided excellent viewing. 

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